Embrace the Freshness of Spring with BIAB’s Duragel Pastel Collection

BIAB New spring collection

Spring heralds the return of blossoms and bright tones, and what better way to welcome it than with our legendary Duragel BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) lineup, now available in enchanting pastel hues? Perfect for those who admire the subtle whisper of pastel on their nails

, these color bases are the latest #musthave this season. Let’s dive into the magical spring shades and the unique technology behind them!

### Introducing BIAB’s Duragel Pastel Shades:

Meet the five unique shades designed to elevate your nail style with a soft but stunning display of colors:
– Lovely Girl 💗 (#goodgirlsdon’tlie)
– Blushy Cheek 🎀 (#i’mblushingforyou)
– Minty Kiss 💚 (#coldlipswarmhearts)
– Royal Veil 💜 (#girlsrockqueensslay)

– Misty Eye 💙 (#onelookcouldkill)

Unlike traditional offerings that might focus only on nude, pink, or milky bases, our new BIAB Duragel color bases add a robust spectrum of fully pigmented pastels to the mix, turning soft sartorial dreams into vibrant reality!

### How to Use Duragel BIAB Pastel Bases:

Getting the best out of your Duragel Pastel color bases involves a few simple steps:
1. Ideal prep counts! Ensure your nails are well-prepared with thorough filing and preparatory liquids before layering your bases.
2. Begin with Duragel Step 1, the clear base coat, to provide perfect nail adhesion and protection from staining.
3. Due to their unique formulation, Duragel Pastel bases offer light coverage compared to conventional gel polishes. Apply in one or two layers as you prefer for desired opacity.
4. Experiment Boldly: Apply directly for a gentle wash of color, or build an apex using additional layers to deepen the shade, ensuring proper curing time based on thickness.
5. Final Approach for Aesthetics: Use BIAB Pastel Bases alone for a natural look, or pair with glossy topcoats over structural gel patterns like French manicures, baby boomers, or even translucent designs with a sprinkling of glitter or pearlescent effects.

The Duragel Color Pastel collection beautifully blends functionality with whimsical style. Layer the colors to achieve ethereal translucence, moving towards opaque coverage if so desired. These shades not only complement all skin tones but also open doors to limitless creative possibilities.

### FAQs about BIAB’s Duragel Color Base Pastels:

**Q1: Can Duragel Pastel bases be used as a sole layer on the nails?**
A1: Absolutely! Adding just these color bases lends a breezy, light-shaded elegance to your nails that’s sufficient on its own.

**Q2: Are these BIAB pastels suitable for professional salon use?**
A2: Yes, they are perfect for professional applications, offering a versatile range of uses from subtle aesthetic enhancements to being the ideal base for more intricate nail art designs.

**Q3: What makes Duragel Pastels different from other BIAB products?**
A3: Duragel BIAB Pastels are specifically pigmented to ensure users achieve a soft, pastel tone while retaining the advantages of Duragel’s BIAB developing structure for long-lasting wear.

Spring can be cheering, splendid, and ethereal just like our BIAB Duragel Pastel shades. Update not just your wardrobe but also your manicure palette with these mesmerizing shades celebrating unfettered elegance and exceptional functionality. Here’s to making every manicure this spring a gloriously pastel adventure! #MagicalCaviarBeads #ElevateYourNailStyle

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