#AFTERPARTY COLLECTION of the gel polishes

Hey, nail queen! We are bringing a new #AFTERPARTY COLLECTION

Come and dance with me!


The party is not over; the party is just beginning! A new collection is coming that will attract attention and complete every outing with its enchanting shades. gel polishes

The “#Afterparty” glitter collection will help you enjoy a wiggly variety of combinations with other colors. You will equally enjoy its fullness.

That evening, when a seductive night falls, you shine with our collection like a star.

Don’t hesitate, get out of control, let them talk, and if it gets thick, we know what to do – go again.

There is no stopping because the party does not stop until you want it; we are here with you so that you can always be in trend and leave behind only a positive effect.

Colors that will make you shine!

gel polish shades #AFTERPARTY COLLECTION

Dance with our colors:

Hangover – Go again

Clout – a positive effect

Trending – #JN is always in trend

After Party – Party never stops

Rumors – Let them go – let them speak

Snatched – Get out of control

Bling it on! – Shine

Blackout – Seductive dark night

You can also find our seductive collection in the Advent calendar 2021 – 12 Glam days of Jana Nails! gel polishes #AFTERPARTY COLLECTION

This gel polish collection is a combination of different textures, colors, and effects.

This gel polish collection is a must-have for all those who want to be noticed, from tiny particles with the addition of a halo effect to extremely large and large glitters in a dense texture with pieces of platinum.

Note! Each color is different in texture, lubricity, and type of sequins. Please read the description before buying!

* 227 – Easy to lubricate, multi-glitter paint of various shapes and translucent colors.

# 228, # 229, # 230 – Highly pigmented paints with fine particles and holo effects, easy to lubricate.

* 231, # 232, # 233, # 234 – Extremely thick colors with large pieces of platinum that need to be well stretched on the nail to get the right effect.

Color # 231 / red / is extremely shiny but highly dense due to the large pieces of platinum and glitter in it. When applying such paints, it is necessary to use the stain with a brush on the nail, stretch it evenly, and distribute the pieces of platinum. long nails

Dare and take the party in your hands, make it the craziest night and dance with him to the after-party, and even longer… long nails

The #Afterparty gel polish collection is currently available in a limited edition of 5ml. However, the collection of the same varnishes will still be available in J.-Laque 10ml packaging.

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