New Logo

#JanaNails new logo

Hey, nail queen!  #JanaNails are here!

A new era has fled!

This year will be especially emotional for us. ❤

#JanaNails brand has changed its look and color palette after so many years of the recognizable logo.

It’s time to proudly present the new look of the #JanaNails brand.  ⤵

In addition to the care we pay to quality, it is important for us to follow the trends so that each of your purchases is filled with a touch of always fresh design. That is why we have taken this important step.

We have always tried to decorate our and your workspace with our design and therefore encourage natural, warm, comfortable, and yet glamorous colors, we change our look and bring you tones of pure natural soft brown.

We look forward to your reactions and look forward to your comments. We have many plans in preparation, so be with us and keep an eye on our every move for mutual enthusiasm.

Your #JanaNails team

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