Marry me!

two girls

Hey nail lover!  Did you check out our new “Marry me!” gel polish collection?
Every great love starts with great nails!

We fell in love and said YES to the new collection “Marry me!” gel polish because we were guided by the idea that every woman is unique and that everyone knows exactly what she wants for her big day.

marry me gel polish shades

So, we have created J. -Laque shades that are elegant and glamorous with the most gentle and airy shades for all lovers of neutral, airy, classic style. With timeless elegance, the whole collection comes in a special #jananails box!

jananails box

The collection is also practical and can be combined in various styles so that each chosen one can approach with their ideas and be unique because nowadays it usually means deviating from the standard look of the “young”.

Marry me!” is designed to fit into different types of weddings. We make it to characterize every girl who responds to this great event of her loved one.


Well, with these gentle, shiny, and airy shades, every modern girl becomes a reflection of what she wants to be, and her friends totally combine with her, so the collection consists of five colors that fit perfectly into the “wedding” style, but also everyday elegant and a sophisticated look.

The colors from the collection are “SEMITRANSPARENTI”, which are translucent, transparent paints that do not have 100% coverage. So, they are not pigmented like classic permanent varnishes because they are just intended for this “look” in one coat. Builder gel, french, baby boomer, etc. In two layers, get a special milky, soft “porcelain” look.

hand on the box

You can mix all colors and combine them with each other to get hundreds of different combinations.


“Marry me!” gel polish collection

Merge with our semi-transparent colors that give a new dimension to the shade in each new layer:

W1 – Forever – pure white paint with a special brush for easy drawing “french”.

W2 – Bridesmaid – bead color/mermaid effect / You can use it alone or over any other color for a shimmering effect.

W3 – Honeymoon – a gentle milky shade with a beige undertone.

W4 – #wifey – milky pink shade (must have in combination with pink top coats).

W5 -Proposal – milky violet-pink cool shade.

nails and bottle of gel polish

Be sure to watch the video for a realistic display of colors as well as apply and say Yes to our new “Marry me!” gel polish collection.

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