Duragel Color Base

duragel color base gels

Hey, nail queen! You need to check this new color base.

duragel color base

You are already well acquainted with our bestseller – duragel polish bases in the color of perfect textures that adjust themselves to the nail and greatly speed up the production process.

The bases are harder. Suitable for strengthening the apex.  Still, it’s flexible enough for gel polish and the movement of natural nails.

In addition to our existing bases Angel, Opal, Girl Code, First Love & Bombshell, we have added three new shades that will delight you: Foundation, Sleeping Beauty & Milk!

color base gels and shades

Foundation – covering the cover base, warm undertone, and extremely pigmented.

Sleeping Beauty – a color that enchants with its tiny mica powder in a neutral beige undertone.

You can use it alone, in combination with other color bases, or simply as a thin coating that will give a touch of glamor to all nails. Glamorous and sophisticated color.

Milk! – milky white color base that extremely covers, can be used alone or as a milky coating and in the manufacture of baby boomers.

shades of base gels

Important note! – Bases like Bombshell, First Love, Foundation, and Milk! which have no sequins in them are different textures from Angel, Girl Code, Opal, and Sleeping Beauty, which in addition to small ones also have “hidden” larger glitter particles.

You can apply Duragel color base directly to the prepared natural nail. But for more problematic nails as well as for example glitter bases. We recommend the use of a DuraGel 1-step transparent color base.

It is a pleasure to work with them!

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