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spa line

Hey, #nailqueen Spa Line is here!

Happy Women’s Day!

Do you need #selfcare on this special day?

Do not worry! We have prepared a new SPA line just for you because you are our queen & diva.

The new spa line offers exceptional care, shine, beautiful Diva and Queen fragrances, and Starlet strong gel.

spa line products

We design the  Queen line with gentle, romantic aromas that accentuate your feminine side. The skin gets a beautifully gentle and healthy glow combined with gold particles.

The Queen line contains a nourishing, rich cream butter that gives shine, can be used every day, and especially nourishes dry and damaged areas on the skin.

A fragrant hand and body lotion that comes in two variants with a pump and a tube – in combination with additional gold particles, the skin is protected, healthy and shiny and leaves an enticing scent.

A skin oil that protects and nourishes and gives a pleasant #queen scent.

spa line products

Diva is a line designed with a touch of sweet, fruity aroma that exudes freshness.

In the Diva line, you can find buttercream – rich and nutritious and based on extremely nourishing oils that you can use multiple times.

A fragrant hand and body lotion that also comes in a pump and tube package – it absorbs quickly, does not grease the hands, and creates a light protective film that protects and nourishes the skin, leaving a scent that accompanies all day.

Cuticle oil – with extremely nourishing ingredients and a fruity #wild scent.

Starlet skin softening gel – extremely strong but gentle on the skin. ⚖️

Starlet, product from spa line

Every woman needs Spa Line, and which one is your choice?

Feel free to comment and discuss our Spa Line collection. Every woman deserves royal treatment, and with this stunning collection, you can easily make a queen out of yourself. Don’t wait for anybody, be free, be YOU!

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